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Second Home: They Build It and Now Everybody Comes

Wondertime, October 2008

At our house, it’s not the red and yellow leaves that signal the arrival of fall; it’s the sight of power tools charging in the kitchen, the Michigan pine branches that arrive on our Washington, D.C., doorstep, and, most significantly, my son’s plastic hard hat. When Gabriel, 5, starts dressing like one of the Village People, it’s time to start building.

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Mom's Best Recipe: Rebellion

Chicago Tribune, November 17, 1999

Chicago Tribune masthead

Growing up on culinary disaster fosters a daughter’s love of cooking

My brother takes a few controlled breaths, closes his eyes and begins to talk about an unpleasant childhood memory: My mother’s hamburgers.

Although she (thankfully) hasn’t served them in more than a decade, the image still makes me queasy. So much so that I almost feel bad asking my bother to talk about the subject, but the bully big sister in me pressures him to go on…

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