Beth Kanter, Freelance Writer

Playgroup Pitfalls

American Baby, May 2007

Cover of American Baby May 2007

Should you stay or go? Here’s how to decide—and what to say if you’re going.

My newborn son, who had never fallen asleep during daylight hours, drifted off just as I pulled up. Once inside, I marveled through my sleep-deprived haze at how the other moms not only managed to arrive on time but did so showered and in spit-up-free outfits. “Welcome to playgroup,” I heard someone say. In response I tried to be polite and not burst into tears.

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Why Preschool Matters

Parents, February 2007

Cover of Parents February 2007

Childhood experts agree: Attending a high-quality program prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond. But finding the best option for your child takes time and research. To get you started, we’ve answered your biggest questions…

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Mixed Signals

Parents, January 2007

Cover of Parents January 2007

Happy? Sad? Tired? Mad?
Here’s how to decode what your baby is feeling.

“Ever wish your baby came with an instruction manual? No doubt it would help, since trying to figure out his wants and needs is never straightforward…”

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New-Baby Checklist

Parents, August 2006

Cover of Parents August 2006

Love, cuddle and spoil your little one for sure. But here are seven other things to do now that you’re a family.

“At a time when your mind is crowded with diaper changes, feeding schedules, and fantasies of uninterrupted sleep, lists can be your new best friend. Take care of these essential before it’s time to order your baby’s first birthday cake…”

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Colic Confusion

Parents, March 2006

Cover of Parents March 2006

“After all the anticipation, you finally bring home your new baby only to discover that all she does is cry. And Cry. And cry some more. With each piercing scream, the idyllic family life you pictured during pregnancy fades further. You’ve heard about colic—but now you’re living it…”

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