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I am currently at work on my novel-in-progress, Paved With Gold, and deeply appreciate that selections from it have been published and honored. 


An excerpt from Paved With Gold won first prize in Lilith magazine’s 2020 Fiction Contest.  I am thrilled that my piece was published in this important magazine.

2019 James Kirkwood Award Winner

I am thrilled and humbled that my novel-in-progress, Paved With Gold, was nominated and ultimately won a 2019 James Kirkwood Award.  Named for late Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning author James Kirkwood, the prize is given annually to three writers.

Here is what one of the judges said about Paved With Gold:

“The author paints a stark, jarring picture of an early America through the eyes of a recently arrived immigrant.  At its best points, the language and imagery complement the daily strife of the protagonist as she struggles to navigate the new world she finds herself in.  The line breaks and overall structure are effective to keep the action immediate, the story compelling, and the stakes high.  Altogether, the story and character make for a compelling depiction of very real tragedy.”


My flash fiction story, Sea Change, will be included in This Is What America Looks Like: The Washington Writers’ Publishing House Anthology, which will be published in February 2021.  I am delighted my words will grace the pages of this collection.

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