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I have led my writing workshops in classrooms, at conferences and even in a yurt.  For the past ten years I also have regularly led the popular Boot Camp for Writers class at the DC Writer’s Center.  I always am grateful every time a student or client invites me on their writing journey.  Please contact me at kanter [dot] beth [at] gmail [dot] com for details and rates.

Services I offer either one-on-one or for your group:

Developmental Editing
Individual Coaching
Pitching and Publishing

Mentoring  Classes 
Private and Group Workshops

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What Beth's students have to say:

Beth Kanter has been an invaluable teacher, coach, mentor, resource, and cheerleader in my development as a writer.  I began working with Beth with no previous experience in writing or publishing creative nonfiction.  Now, two years later, with Beth’s knowledgeable and supportive guidance, I’ve had five pieces published and am currently assembling a proposal for a book.

-Pat Hulsebosch

I feel incredibly blessed to have connected with Beth Kanter for the developmental editing of my memoir, “The Nightmare on December 23rd – 7,145 Miles and A Million Little Steps.”  This book is my family’s first publication that Beth helped develop –  she worked with us like a family member.  From the first draft to the final version, the journey has been possible only because of Beth’s genuine interest, her insight on many details, and her spot on inference of my voice.  She taught me how to zoom in on important details, and made me the writer I am today. Every time I compare the first draft with the final version, I just feel overjoyed – all thanks to Beth.  I like to believe that this book is a part of my life rather than just a project so she hasn’t only contributed to a writing project but made a significant contribution to my life through her work.

-Lakshmi Kant


A truly gifted teacher and masterful editor, Beth Kanter vastly improved my writing.  Adept at bolstering her students’ confidence while simultaneously calling their attention to areas that warrant improvement, she is an inspirational teacher.  In fact, I liked her so much as a teacher (and a person) that I kept repeating her course!

-Julie Lillis


I am, no, I was a reluctant writer. Reluctant to claim the title for myself.  A middle aged lady with no writing in my background, who did I think I was? With Beth’s coaching I proudly call myself a writer now with several pieces published including one in the Washington Post and one for PBS, both of which Beth helped me in every step of the process from generating to editing to submitting.


I still participate in a writing group that Beth leads and it continues to be the highlight of my week.  She is magic, pure light, guiding me always towards my truth. 

-Anna Kahoe

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